INTRODUCTION- The expandable list view lets you create an expandable list of new extensions for your app. To add an icon, title or sub title to the list, or create an icon or title list in the sub category. The main list or sub category list can be used to perform any activity or any other type of title, icon, subtitle or position, or sub category title, icon, subtitle, child or position. It is possible to change the background color of the app list, title font, title size, icon width and height, divider height, sub category icon width and height, sub category size, Sub category background color or sub-title title can also be changed.

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How to use Expandable Listview Extension?

To add an expandable list view, add a layout to the app, use the layout of the expandable list to create a list that is set to create a list, create a list of titles, or create a list block list. The subtitles list or the icon list also creates the same form. The title of the child title list is to create a list, create a list, create a child category, or create a similar child icon.

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