Android 11 beta 2 was released to beta testers this is available for all currently supported devices so that means the pixel 2 to XL and newer I’m running it on the pixel 3a xl but as long as you have a newer pixel device than the pixel 2 you’re good to go and you can run this now it will come out later to other devices but that’s when it’s actually fully released now this update brings stability and this particular update came in at a fairly large 1.3 5 gigabytes on my pixel 3a xl let’s take a look at the build number and then we’ll talk about what’s new you’ll see the build number is our RPB2.200611.009 and this particular update has some nice changes here and there it’s more about stability.

Android 11 beta 2 explain

But there are some changes to features and things they’ve updated so the first thing is if you go into your themes press and hold on the home screen go to styles and wallpapers go to style you’ll see down here it’s only style and wallpaper now it used to say clock there’s no longer clock so they’ve removed that for some reason it’s no longer there but it’s gone for now maybe they’ll bring it back later but this is what it looks like they’ve also updated picture and picture to give you a little bit of a hint as to how you make the picture in picture window larger so let’s go into my pixel update video turn the volume down just to make it a little bit easier to hear swipe up it goes to picture in picture and if you look in this corner in the upper left that lets me know that I can resize it by tapping so that gives you an idea you can move it around whatever you’d like and it will sort of shrink itself bring itself back up and then we can close it of course so pretty simple and straightforward but it’s a nice little hint that that’s what you can do now in Android 11 beta 2 the multitasking or the reasons has been changed a little bit at the bottom you can see us as screenshot and select they’ve removed in options so it’s not a huge deal but it’s something that’s a little bit different now another option I’ve noticed that’s different is if you press and hold the power button you’ll see that we have 3 options along the top we have emergency power off and restart however if you have the screen lock on or lockdown option this will change so let me turn that on so you’ll see if you search for a lockdown.

Android 11 media management

we’ll turn it on here there we go and if we press and hold the power button again you’ll see that it’s combined power and restart so if we press on power it’s now a combined power button it’s just a slight little change if you have the lockdown button turned on now with notifications you may have noticed that it looks a little bit different it’s slightly condensed and we’ll talk about the media player here or media controls it in a moment but you’ll see it’s slightly condensed you can kind of see more in less space and they’ve also given conversations their own options within our settings so if we go into our settings here we’ll just go down to settings and then we go to apps and notifications now we have conversations so if I had a priority conversation it would be here and then I’d have separate options for it before you had to press and hold to get these options so they’re built in this way now now if you take a look at the media controls you’ll see I have a song here and if I press and play on it it has this new effect so it’s sort of a ripple effect if we press and hold hit next go back it’s a new effect within this media player and also this media control is here by default before you had to turn on a setting in order to get it to show up now it’s just here all of the time until you close the app that’s playing the media and finally if we pull down here a little bit swipe over we have a new screen record button so the button has been changed a little bit and when we press on this we can now record audio from different sources so we now have the option for device audio device audio and microphone or microphone so you can change that up a little bit turn it on hit start and now our screen recording so we can swipe back and forth we’ll go back and tap to stop the screen recording and it should be saved so it says screen recording saved and again it’s got screen recording built in you’ll see it’s doing.

android 11 features

Its thing there so it’s nice that they’ve built that in it’s really nice to have that and that’s all that they’ve really changed so far at least that I’ve been able to find now there are some others that have said if you go into your app drawer here it will say all apps I still have the line I haven’t seen that update as well but right now those are the only changes within this particular update so I think they’ve refined it made it more stable and hopefully it’ll be good to go when it’s set for final release later this fall depending on what they have for a release date it seems like that may be pushed slightly as well however performance using it a little bit seems to be pretty good I would imagine battery will be about the same although I haven’t really used this phone on Android 11 beta 2 for any amount of time so I really can’t speak to battery it takes a few days to know that but in general the first beta was okay there were a few bugs here and there especially with picture and picture but it should be a little bit better now so that’s it for this particular update.

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