Hello guys, we all know that there a ton of android emulators for windows, from which finding the best one is a hectic task. Best Android Emulator for pc. But today we are gonna find out the best performing Android emulator for Windows we will decide that upon the benchmarks of Geekbench and gameplay since I have a really weak PC configuration of intel core i3 7th gen and 4gb ram only so you will get much greater results if you have a good PC. I will just give you a general idea about the optimization of the emulators if they can run well in my system then it is really optimized for other systems too. The Emulators I chose to give a try were LD player, Menu, Nox and Gameloop.

Best Android Emulator of 2020
Best Android Emulator of 2020

So let’s get started serially at first I will download all of them and install links will be in the description to give you guys a Perfect idea about the emulators, I will show their useful features. each emulator has its own special features at the end of the video I will tell you which emulators are the best for which use cases I will install geekbench 3 and run a benchmark it’s scored 2511 in single core and 6070 in multicore. I had to use geekbench 3 since game loop is based on Android 4.4 KitKat and KitKat doesn’t support later versions of Geekbench and I couldn’t even run GTA vice city it just crashed for no reason it has really poor stability and you cannot trust this for other games so let’s check Memu. it has a score of 2074 in single-core and 6478 on multicore. Better than Gameloop I am using these settings as you can see on screen.

Memu player is based on android nougat. It will support much more apps than other emulators.It also supports a high refresh rate Next candidate is LDPlayer. It has a nice clean UI and looks better than others it supports to a maximum of 120 Hertz which is really amazing so in Geekbench has a single-core score of 3145 and a multi-core score of 6547 LDPlayer ran GTA VC best comparing to the other 3 emulators but for some reason, my recorder froze while recording (potato pc fact ). But I assure you it performed better than others.

Now let’s see how Nox performs it is based on Android lollipop so not very good app support. but the emulator has a lot of features too. in Geekbench it scored 3053 in single-core and 6386 in multicore .let’s run GTA vice City on NOX as you can see it delivered at the really bad performance it was lagging and stuttering all over not well optimized in a word. and I tried this with a maximum setting possible,4 cores and 2gb ram in all Emulators try to avoid Nox so we came to an end let’s state the final results For playing only PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.

Tencent Gameloop should be good enough but not for anything else. it is worst among this all other emulators it has a lack of features compared to others too. Gameloop takes the 4th the place.

Let’s talk about NOx player. Nox Player takes the 3rd position it is loaded with features but not stable at all it barely could run the GTA vice city Memu player takes the second position for gamers it should be good enough. it is a really decent emulator it has high refresh rate support too – and features a lot of functions like file transfer between guest and host easily and optimized too. It is a nice emulator.

Conclusion (Final word)

But I think LDPlayer did the best, in my opinion, it delivers 120 Hertz fluid UI and best geekbench scored among them. in gaming, it also did the best if you were looking for gaming and smooth emulator for general Android tasks like using Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp LDPlayer is unbeatable it is the best among them it has a lot of other features too like drag-and-drop apk files, file sharing between guest and host, macro and a lot of other features so I think that should be good for today see you tomorrow.

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