Now a request that I have been getting a lot is to suggest Best Earphones for Gaming. This is a question that I didn’t think would become so frequent, but now we have “gamers” who play on smartphones, and they want something for playing PUBG on mobile. Now when it comes to “gaming” gear in general, gaming chairs have a different aesthetic compared to regular chairs, and gaming keyboards have the ability to set macros, gaming monitors generally have higher refresh rates, gaming CPUs have higher clock speeds. But when it comes to headphones, the companies that make the best gaming headphones are brands like Sennheiser and Audio Technica. You can also use for PUBG, Fortnite, Apex legends and other.

Best Earphones for Gaming (2020) PUBG

And the reason they’re able to make great gaming headphones is that they know how to make good headphones in general. But you generally can’t use regular headphones for gaming because they don’t have a mic. But that isn’t the case with earphones that are made to work with phone, because they generally do have a microphone. So any earphone that has good soundstage, and a sound signature that isn’t recessed in the treble will be good for gaming. This is because you’ll have a better sense of space if you have a good sound stage on an earphone, and a flat or V shaped sound signature will allow you to hear the gunshots and footsteps more easily. Having good bass will also make the experience more enjoyable. For gaming-specific earphones, you will see brands advertising features like 7.1 surround sound, but I really don’t think that artificial digital signal processing is going to help a lot. So any earphone that is ‘good’ in general will also be good for gaming.


More example of this is HE-4XX, which are great for gaming even though they are not designed for it, and even my Adam T5V Studio monitors, which are also great for gaming because they are good speakers and give a nice sense of space and positioning of different sounds. So if you’re looking for something affordable, the Focal Sense 100 SI is a good choice, and the Signature Acoustics C12 is also really great because they have a nice sound stage with nice and detailed treble frequencies.

Focal Sense 100 SI

Now these are all wired earphones, and we generally don’t find headphone jacks in the higher end phones these days, so you will need something wireless. But even though technologies like AptX LL face challenges in their implementation. So AptX Low Latency has a latency of around 32ms which will be the best for gaming, but it’s almost impossible to get that to work with a typical smartphone and even AptX HD has a latency of 150ms, and the regular SBC codec will also be at a similar or worse latency. A much better idea will be to just use wired earphones, even if you may have to use a dongle. And that is the time we’re living in, where companies have to exclude something as crucial as headphone jack just to seem more modern, and there are people who are stupid enough to support this trend. Now I don’t think that you really need something that is more resolving for gaming, as these wooden earphones as detailed as I would consider necessary for gaming.

Audiosense AQ3

But if you go for higher-priced items like this Audiosense AQ3, they will also be great, because they are good earphones in general. But on the higher end you won’t get a microphone unless you use a cable with mic, so just keep that in mind. Earbuds can also work well for gaming, but they are generally more mid centric, and you will require isolation from outside noise, and the ability to hear the minute details, so personally I would avoid them for gaming. So that is all the information I think you’ll need. Of course, I am not covering many earphones specifically because there are so many great options, but with a blog, you should be able to make a decision if you check out the individual reviews of those earphones. So feel free to add to this discussion on audio gear for gaming by sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

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