India Ban China App, China App Ban, Digital Strike: After banning 59 apps from China last month, the Indian government has once again taken major action against companies associated with China. The Indian government has banned 47 more Chinese mobile apps ban in India.

China, 47 more Chinese apps banned
47 more Chinese apps banned NEWS

Let us tell you that 59 apps from China have been banned earlier. Most of the banned apps now include cloning apps. This means that the apps were launched in the market by making apps like ban apps beforehand. These apps are accused of stealing data from users.

In fact, in the midst of a clash between the soldiers of the two countries in Ladakh on the Indo-China border, the Narendra Modi government at the center gave China another big blow in the past. The central government had banned 59 Chinese apps, including TickTalk, UC Browser, in the country.

The central government called it a threat to the sovereignty, unity and defense of the country. The government banned 59 different types of mobile apps, which are prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity and national security of the country, including apps such as China’s app TicTalk, ShareIt and WeChat.

Many more apps including PUBG are also on the radar

The Indian government has already banned 59 apps including TikTok, CamScanner, SHAREit, UC Browser. Now the government is eyeing 275 Chinese apps including PUBG. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has not commented on it so far. According to a news published in the Times, there is a continuous review of China’s apps and it is also trying to find out where they are getting funding from. According to the information, some apps have been found to threaten national security, while some apps are violating data sharing and privacy rules.

Data mining threat

In today’s era, data mining and artificial intelligence from mobile apps and websites have taken the form of big business. Under this, personal information collected is sold. Profiling of the information you enter is done only when ordering online goods, such as ordering food, medicine or everyday items. In this market of information, it is becoming difficult to stop selling personal information. This problem is not only in India but also in other countries. Many countries have decided to ban foreign apps. A few days ago Australia banned Chinese app V-Chat.

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