Today I will be showcasing top 5 Android apps that you should definitely try out for the month of July 2020 also I have categorised these apps into productivity apps as well as funt to use apps and as per the drill.

TOP 5 FREE Android Apps 2020

Toolkit for Instagram – Gbox

This is the app and it is basically an Instagram to get followers Instagram tools you will ever need my favourite features guys in this whole toolkit is this one this is the g box keyboard guys so in Android if you know that you cannot post like overlap to images together help of this toolkit.ap you can place to photo simultaneously in your Instagram story this is the Ash tax feature like whenever you are about to upload now the hashtags given by this app is really get it uses artificial intelligence to generate hashtags for your post so that the second feature early life and the next feature is this third feature which are like this creative fonts so here are a couple of points like a which you can use in your captions next feature that I like guys is colour picker and this feature is basically like are you get this scrollbar and if you get this anywhere I like it will just tell you the name of the colour like so the name that are coming are you can use it has a captions it looks really cool I should like I should say this is a great app and you to definitely check it out and upon the list is

WifiLink: Share WiFi

so Wi-Fi link Wi-Fi share basically is the name of the app Kaise to what does app essentially does is that it helps you to share your Wi-Fi without a giving out the password show what all you have to do is just enter the password like your own Wi-Fi password here that will automatically generate QR code of for your wife my password so here if you click on that QR code icon you get this two options are you can either show this image type like just shareit through WhatsApp also you can show this QR code directly will automatically get connected to a Wi-Fi network so it was worth the effort as well as your Wi-Fi connection so that’s a great thing and that this app is definitely helpful third app on the list is a

Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

Dolby on so as going by the name guys this is a new record I should say music recorder or a voice recorder but it is a Dolby best voice recorder and the quality that you get from this guy’s is just mind blowing I should say that I have not seen any your voice recorder of this kind this is a great voice recorder whenever you record a voice clip on this you can automatically like the app doesn’t own thing but you can also to be kept yourself so here in the settings if you go you can change the sound of I literally like for keeping it at am here and also your quote a couple sound to find vehicle options so noise reduction you can turn on noise reduction so it does automobile production that to in the app itself space you can return of the base according to your need for your lightings then trouble as well as put and trim you can trim it enhances the voice quality so it’s definitely worth checking out.

ProScreens – App for HomeScreens

The list price is closed screens and this basically is a setup app like if you are into School minimal setups for Really effective setup on your Android phone for the user to user database if we made the room setup and uploaded to hear so that we can similarly set up so if you want any kind of look like propose of if I select this one that has a quite minimal look I really liked it so I will just click on it and this is how my home screen will look if I apply this so what you have to do to apply is going the details you are and you will get all the details like what all wallpaper the user has used as well as the icon pack as well as the head of the Treaty theme and Nova launcher launcher which has been used so you can just to go into which was set up you want and just select it and get it is and set it up accordingly if you have a wallpapers so it has this category of wallpapers like so guys if you are into Android setups and getting your phone really personal according to your liking then you should definitely check this out last upon the list guys is this this is called as a

Fectar – Free Augmented Reality (AR) presentation


Fectar and this is fun to use an app like it is a cool thought that we have included it and it what it basically does it gives you and our experience that is augmented reality experience it has a lot of objects in which you can place in real-time you can just give them so I will just quickly show you a couple of objects as we can see we have this cause a lot of cores are there were so I’ll just place of you can this book artist Grand here and just have to click on view in a are you right now as you can bike in Augmented reality here and it looks really cool I should say like the Bugatti Veyron you can see each and every minor detail of the car so it is a great at the fun to use if you should definitely check it out to kill some time so that’s pretty much it for this blog guys I hope you like all this top 5 that I have shown in the month of July 2020

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